Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Fun

With maternity leave and Shaun taking leave after his 6 month TDY, we have been able to have some quality family time! Here are some fun pics! ;)

Monday, June 21, 2010


On the pictures.....
Jocelyn is on the top and Evelyn is on the bottom! :)


On the pictures.....
Jocelyn is on the top and Evelyn is on the bottom! :)

New family addition!

Wow! I did not realize how long it had been since I blogged! I blame Facebook--it has made me lazy in posting pictures anywhere else!

Well, the purpose of this blog is to show off our latest addition: Miss Jocelyn Machele Humphrey!

She arrived on Saturday June 5th at 1:49pm weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long.

Big sister likes her most of the time, except when mommy is no longer at her beck and call! :)

People have been wondering if she looks anything like Evelyn. I think they have some similar features, but their coloring is going to be different. But you can see for yourself:
Jocelyn is on the right.......Evelyn is on the left! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Storm 2010

It sure does seem like we've seen a lot of snow this year! Since moving back to the States, this is our third big winter storm. Such a change from Okinawa!! Evelyn and I have been hiding in our warm house for the past 48 hours, so I thought we should venture out and experience the snow for a little bit this afternoon. There is a sheet of ice underneath all the snow, but luckily traction wasn't a problem with the soft, powdery snow that has been falling all morning. Since I am a novice winter weather driver, it is a bit of a pain to be locked up for a few days, but the scenery created by the snow really is beautiful. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

14 months old!

So, what do you do when your child decides to pick out her shoes? You put them on her and say how proud you are! :) Who cares if they don't match! This is what Evelyn decided to do this morning. Then, after getting geared up with one tennis shoe and one boot, she decided she needed to put on her heavy coat--keeping in mind that we had no plans of going outside! So, she then roamed around the house in her mismatched shoes and teddy bear coat! It was just too cute to pass up! ;)
Happy birthday to me! :) My early gift that I got to order is a new craft table! I'm amazed by how much more space our office has now that I took down the card table I had been using! Hopefully all this new organization will help me to be movitvated to have Evelyn's baby book all caught up by the arrival of #2! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Blogger

I realized it had been quite a while since I had put any thoughts out into cyberspace! I feel like the world is whirling around me and I'm just trying my best to keep up! I guess the biggest change in our lives is that Shaun left for a specialty school at Nellis AFB for 6 months. The good news is that he's still in the U.S. as opposed to being deployed overseas. We will actually be going out to visit him for a weekend in February. The bad news is he is going to be gone longer than if he HAD deployed! It's been 2 weeks since he left and Evelyn and I are still surviving! We are strong, independent women! :)

Evelyn amazes me daily! She has such a sweet personality (most of the time!) She now has a love of reading books. We go through her entire library at least three times a day! She loves being tickled and has discovered a love of bubble baths. It is hard not to hold her 24 hours a day since it's just the two of us, but I am trying to remind myself to help her become more independent so it won't be too shocking when mommy's arms are taken by another baby.

Baby #2 is well on it's way. I am 19 1/2 weeks, so almost half-way baked! :) I have been feeling the kicks and movements lately, which is my favorite part of pregnancy! We should be finding out the gender in another 2 weeks. If family history has any part of this, I am pretty sure we'll be welcoming another girl!

My two jobs are keeping me very busy. I still have my original job at Jones Eyecare three days a week, but now I also work for a pediatric ophthalmologist one day a week as well! I admit, Thursday has become my favorite day! I love seeing all the kids and it is allowing me to gain some invaluable experience.

Well, no pictures for today. Just putting my random thoughts out there! :)